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 Let's talk about real estate in Big Bear and how you can have a beautiful mountain home that brings you income when you're not using it. This is called the vacation rental business. I believe this is one of the most economical ways to own a home in Big Bear. Let me go over the benefits that I see; let's say you purchase a house for $300,000 and you put 20% down which is $60,000… which leaves you with a mortgage of $240,000 and at today's rates with taxes and insurance that's around $1,800.00 per month times 12 months which is $21,600 let's just rounded off to $25,000 a year, adding some utilities and general maintenance. Now our biggest time for vacation rental is the ski season, this is when everybody comes up to enjoy our winter wonderland which is between November and April; approximately 180 days through winter and spring that you have an opportunity to rent your home. Evidently the weekends and holidays will be your most profitable days possibly giving you additional 50% more rental earnings.

 So let's do some math and be a little conservative, let's say you can get 60 to 85 days out of those months. And on the average you get $250 a night. As mentioned previously more on the holidays, but let's go with $250. For the average 60 nights @ $250 equals $15,000. Not a bad income. Hire a management company, (they usually charge you 30%), which would equal around $4,500. You end up with $10,500. You will also make money in the summertime; however it will not be as consistent as the wintertime. Now you don't necessarily have to hire a management company, you can do it yourself through a church bulletin, office bulletin or your local newspaper. It all depends on what your time is worth. I have clients that manage their own properties and do a great job and I have clients that go through management companies and they don't have to worry about anything and just get a check, (personally I don't like to worry about managing the rental property therefore I let them do what they do best.)

If you find a company that you like doing business with and the renters are happy, they tell their friends, over time instead of having 60 nights rented you'll have 120 nights. Let’s not forget about the large tax benefits you can acquire with a rental property. For specific information on tax deductions please contact your accountant or CPA. I strongly urge anyone who is purchasing a home in Big Bear as a second home to place the property on a rental program or as mentioned before doing the managing yourself; by doing this you alleviate yourself of having higher monthly debt in allowing the home to help pay for itself. 
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